Do Not Underestimate a Determined Mother.

I need a pedicure.  Desperately.  And tomorrow I’m going to the beach.  So there will be toe nail polish.  Oh, and this is something that I don’t do for myself.  This is something I like to contract out.  Yeah, I need this pedicure and I will have it.  Do not underestimate a determined mother.

I sort of act as den mother for my condo association.  Which sucks for them, as lordy, I can barely manage my own life, let alone the residential matters of five other units.  But here I am.  Maybe it’s because I’m the oldest mother in the place.  Maybe it’s my sparkling wit and charm.  Yeah, probably not that.  Who knows? 

In September 2009, a month before my daughter died, my condo initiated almost $20K of tuckpointing work.  I wrangled five units to both agree to a contractor and cough up the dough to pay for the work.  A month before my daughter died.  Kind of sucks, no?  We had been prattling on about the need for the work and quibbling about contractors and estimates for over a year.  But when push comes to shove, I got it done.  The same needs to happen today.

I learned yesterday that the City was threatening to turn off the water to our condo.  Why?  Because the sink hole at our front curb, the same freaking sink hole I’ve been calling the City about for fourteen months.  Sigh.  City tells me they’ve been communicating that the problem is ours for over six weeks, but with no response.  Seriously, people? 

When push comes to shove, I will handle this too.  From the beach with my toes freshly painted?  Why?  Because I am a determined mother.  Apparently, I am a determined den mother as well. 



One Reply to “Do Not Underestimate a Determined Mother.”

  1. I am so sorry that your daughter died. There is no pain in the world like that. When my son died, months later, while driving home from work, I found myself reflecting on the unending depth of the pain. And I said to myself, outloud, (I was alone in the car), “I wouldn’t wish this feeling on Osama bin Laden.” The route I took to get to that thought went like this:

    ” I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy….Who is my worst enemy?”

    I had to ponder that part. It had to be someone truly terrible. I thought of the twin towers falling (possibly, in hind sight, because my son had been a firefighter, though he did not die from that). Yeah, someone who could do that. That’s who. My worst enemy is Osama bin Laden.
    And I really meant it. I would not wish the pain of that loss on my worst enemy. Not even.


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