One Reply to “Donna’s Cancer Story: Live Chat!”

  1. Mary Tyler Mom,
    I just wanted to leave you a message and tell you how much I enjoyed reading about Donna. I am also a Clinical Social Worker and also a “Cancer Mom” who lost their child. Mine was 22, and fought the battle (osteosarcoma) from the age of 19. We moved to Houston from Austin so he could be treated at MDACC. September 28th was the 8 year “anniversary” of his passing.
    I have been a member of an online support group for parents who have lost a child to cancer called DaybyDay. We have been discussing your blog and would love to have you join us. It’s a great group and nice to be in a place where people “get it”.
    If you are interested let me know at
    Lindy Suarez
    Mom to Brandon
    11/1/80 ~ 9/28/03


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