Oreos v. Breasts: Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk


I saw this advertisement yesterday on some media outlet and didn’t think a thing of it.  Today, it is causing an uproar all over the Internet and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why.

There are three elements here:  a breast, a baby, and an Oreo.  Most offensive to me is the Oreo, as I was never a big fan, but you know, to each her own.  If this baby were holding a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, I probably would have made it my profile photo on facebook.

Why are we as Americans still hung up on this?  A breast is a thing of beauty. But more than that, it is a functional part of a woman’s body, existing to provide nutrition to our babies.

I raised two babies and opted to breastfeed both of them.  There was an immense sense of pride and wonder and power and accomplishment and love I felt in seeing my little six and seven pound babies grow and develop in their first months knowing that all of that was made possible because of me.

There is nothing to be ashamed of here, folks.  Move along.  Breastfeeding is a gift for those of us who can do it, or choose to do it.  My full thoughts about breastfeeding are HERE.

Here is a selection of censored images on the web.  I prefer the star, myself. Which is your favorite?

Black Box
Double Black Box

Now I need to go get a peanut butter cup.  With a glass of milk.


28 Replies to “Oreos v. Breasts: Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk”

  1. A little bit uptight I would say. (Not you.) I mean, you can’t even see the nippy.
    There’s also a story going round (on The View this morning, for example) of a British newspaper article on whether women inherit their mother’s bodies. The paper took three mother-daughter couples, photo’d them in the nude, with their hands strategically placed over boobs and front parts. No offense whatsoever.
    On the View? The outline of their butts were blacked out, as well as the hand that was already covering the boob. You know? Just in case we got a hint that there might be a private part lurking around.


  2. I breastfed twins for 16 months. The most offensive thing about that picture, to me, is the perfectly airbrushed and petite boob they’re trying to make us believe is the norm for breastfeeding moms. Bah! I call bs!!!


  3. That woman has the most perfect breastfeeding boob of all time! Color me jealous. I can only hope they will end up saggy like the rest of us who chose the au naturale route for our babes. Double kudos to that mom for breastfeeding a baby with enough teeth to eat an oreo.


    1. Both you and Leanne made me laugh with these comments. Full disclosure, my breasts are still pretty much fully intact after nursing two kids.

      Did I just say that on the Internet?

      Thanks for reading and commenting, ladies. Always nice to have company! MTM.


  4. ExPat in Chicago–What else would you expect from THE VIEW?! I think this is a great ad and I’m sick and tired of Americans (especially women!) having a problem with breastfeeding. I choose number 3 because you can still see the dreaded nipple, although I do love me some good pixelation.. Leanne Larson –if you breastfed twins for 16 months, you win! Seriously! I did my two boys for 2 years each, but they are 4 years apart!


  5. The real outrage here is that Oreo is exploiting breastfeeding for commercial purposes. They knew this would generate controversy so they did this on purpose. Clever but despicable.


    1. I don’t disagree, Gary. Nabisco maintains that this ad was not created for public consumption nor intended for release. But the thing is, it was. Oops.

      Then again, one would hope people are smart enough not to feed an infant an Oreo. The thing is, not everybody is. Sure, they might wait until the kid has teeth, but you best believe lots and lots of American tots are eating (and enjoying) an Oreo right this instant. Sigh.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. MTM.


  6. I have no problem with breastfeeding per se, but the nonsensical claim that because it is “natural” it should be unremarkable in public doesn’t stand the test of logic. Evacuating your bowels is “natural,” too. Should we be allowed to do THAT in public?

    Not everything that is “natural” is suitable for polite society.

    How about you zealous breastfeeding supporters have the respect of others to understand that some people are offended by you ripping off your shirt every time your newborn makes the slightest sound, eh?


    1. I sure hope you are a troll and not just a complete idiot. If you are an idiot, breastfeeding can be done very discreetly. I nursed my three children for a grand total of seven years, with no break. Even hugely pregnant, I didn’t flash the tatas while feeding the babes.

      You say b-feeding shouldn’t be done in public like “bowel evacuation”. There is a lot of bowel evacuation done in public, but done discreetly in diapers, by babies and and adults with inability to control bowels, and in the case of an incredibly brave OIF veteran I know into a colostomy bag (that he earned fighting for your right to say bonehead statements like that).


    2. Such hostility, publiusforum. I wonder why. And you seem to go to an immediate place that women who breastfeed in public are all harlots, “ripping off their shirts” every time they breastfeed. No doubt, you also believe that their breasts are heaving, as in some torrid romance novel.

      And that’s the problem with your argument. There is nothing sexual about breastfeeding. Nothing. Not a thing. So this sense of not being “suitable for polite society” seems way off base. I am a mother of a young child. I breastfed both my babies. I managed to do this in public as needed when my child needed nutrition. Never once did I “rip off my shirt.” I always carried a blanket or covering precisely for the reasons you allude to — not everyone is comfortable with it. I respect others, therefore was respectful of that viewpoint and their social needs. Breastfeeding is not a one size fits all activity. There are a thousand different ways to do it so as to be mindful of “polite society.” And none of them involve me retreating to a dirty bathroom so as not to offend those around me, or becoming a hermit for 6-24 months.

      I wish you would skip the hostile generalizations towards those women who breastfeed and contain your harsh sentiments to yourself.

      Kraft och omtanke to you. I think you need some. MTM.


    3. Sounds to me like you have some serious issues. Please get therapy as soon as possible. Both of my children were breast fed by their mother. Even at Disneyland, church, you name it. It’s called discretion, a little cover up placed over the offending breast and child. For you to even connect playing with poo and breast feeding is well, sickening……


    1. Yeah…I never ripped off my shirt once. Can I do it now, to make up for all those lost opportunities (my daughter is now 20)?


  7. I don’t want to look at anyone’s boob in public, feeding or not and more than I want to watch a couple sticking their tongues down wach other’s throats. It’s personal, and I do not feel like witnessing personal acts in public. If they are so intent on feeding their kids, then let them use a breast pump.


    1. Then, Tzippo, then don’t stare at a woman with her shirt hiked up a bit or a with a blanket covering one shoulder. If you are staring, you just might see a bit a flesh (oh, the horrors!)

      Once again, someone is relating breastfeeding with sex. Female mammalian breasts were purposed to feed offspring, the pleasure sensations felt from the nerves in the nipple are just a bonus. AND I PROMISE YOU, nursing moms don’t get a thrill while feeding. Right after birth, it can be incredibly painful if baby doesn’t latch correctly or until the nipples “toughen” up. Our brains compartmentalize the actions, just as you don’t have the same reaction to a partner touching your body as you do a doctor or a TSA agent.

      Pumping is a wonderful option. Formula is a wonderful option. Nursing is a wonderful option. What is most important is that baby is loved and cared for. Not the Oreo filling of Crisco mixed with sugar – that is the awful thing here. Breast milk is too sweet to drink with cookies anyway (think warm, melted vanilla Haagen Daaz ice cream)


      1. Love, I didn’t say I was staring, but it’s hard not to look at such a display. And no, I do not want to look/ stare/ gawk/ marvel at another woman’s boobs, regardless of what they are doing. I agree with Publicis Forum. Lots of things are natural, but they just aren’t done in polite society. Sorry if you just don’t get it.


  8. Funny blog, once again. Lady.

    And although I usually reserve my sage advice and ancient Chinese wisdom for people who ask for it, I am compelled to offer this warning to MTM readers who peruse these comments:
    Beware of anal retentive personality types who attempt to “shame” you about your nature as a mammal. For them, EVERYTHING about the body is shameful, and EVERYTHING comes back to defecation. (Freud was a deep MF. For real.)


  9. I wonder if people would have preferrd an oreo ad with a boy holding a toy gun and an oreo.

    Make love not war people.
    -just keep swimming


  10. I would have chosen a smiley face over the breast. And I agree, RPB Cups are so much better than the Oreo. Have you tried the Trader Joe’s version of the PB cup?! Yum! Your toosh will thank you…


  11. Who even notices?

    At a certain age the Oreo is more interesting, usually at the Pampers stage of life and the Depends stage of life.


  12. PubliusForum, how can you compare breastfeeding to taking a dump?? Really dude? You have serious issues… Breastfeeding is EATING… PEOPLE EAT IN PUBLIC, EVERYWHERE… thats what a restaurant is… NIPPLES are on EVERYONE!! Men and Women… seriously dude? You have issues


  13. I think the reason a lot of men are opposed to breast feeding, is a kind of territorial dispute… the baby is attached to the breast and they are not. It’s not like you’re going to get cancer from second hand nursing or the breast is going to emit a noxious gas. Grow up. What’s worse than breast feeding in public? 200+ lb men who are not in good shape walking around shirtless. If men can do it, so can women.


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