It’s Hammer(pants) Time: My MC Debut

On May 27th, Imma be doing my very first MC engagement.

For a gal like me, who is essentially a wallflower that blooms on the Internet, this is kind of a big deal.  When I was first asked, I nearly spit out my Coca Cola, as it was phrased along the lines of, “would you ever consider being the celebrity MC at this fundraising event?” The closest I get to celebrity is my snarking about it on the high holy days trifecta of the Emmys, Golden Globes, and Oscars.  Or in line at the grocery store when I peruse the rags while I wait to pay for my Cheerios.

In my head, I will always and forever be that awkward junior high girl with braces who looked at the cool kids having fun, but absolutely, positively was not one of them.

Then I learned more about the fundraiser, who it was for, why it was being held.  And I thought of Donna.  And I thought about doing Good Things.  And I thought about Lori.  And it became quite easy to say yes.

Lori Urban is a gal I’ve never met.  She lives in Colorado.  She is a single mom.  She has cancer.  Relapsed ovarian cancer, which is its own kind of hell.  She is responsible for the care and upbringing of three beautiful kids who count on her for everything.  She works more than one job to make ends meet.  And she does this alone, while in treatment.  I am her neighbor in Cancerville, but from a very different subdivision.

I want to help.  I want to pay forward some of the immense kindness that was shown to us from friends, family, and strangers during Donna’s illness.  MCing this fundraiser for Lori is a way for me to do that.  So I said yes.  I will swallow my awkwardness and find the MC within.  I know she’s in there somewhere.

And it’s not too often you get asked to be an MC, assuming your name is not Billy Chrystal.  So why not embrace what makes you uncomfortable?  In that spirit, I proposed to wear MC Hammer pants at the event.  For a price.  Yes, always the hook.  For a price.  With your help and financial support of the Urban Family, I will wear gold lame MC Hammer pants to MC the fundraiser.  I had originally suggested black Hammer pants, but my facebook community didn’t think that was good enough.  Gold lame for the dough is what they told me, so gold lame is what it’s gonna be.  Behold:

Hammer Pants Note: I will have better shoes and worse deltoids.

So, pony it up, folks.  Help a gal out — a single mom with three kids and relapsed ovarian cancer.  I figure that if Lori can manage treatment and mothering, I can manage gold lame hammer pants and you can manage a few bucks to make it happen.  I’ll do it for $500 for Lori and her kids, but honest truth, I think we can do better.  I think it’s worth upwards of 1K to see me in lame.

1K for lame.  Let’s do this.  Click on this paypal link and make it happen.  If donations total more than $500 for THIS WEEK, May 14 – May 20, we are on like Donkey Kong.  And there will be photo evidence to prove it.

For all you local yokels like me, here is the event information:


WHAT:  Lori Urban Fight Like a Girl! Fundraiser

WHERE:  Dolce Amore Restaurant, 2112 Winding River Drive, Naperville, Illinois

WHEN:  Saturday, May 27, 2012 between 2-5 PM.

There will be food and drinks (10% of the house will go to Lori), shopping (20% of all vendors’ profits will go to Lori), a silent auction/raffle (100% of all profits will go to Lori), and a head shaving, because what’s a cancer fundraiser without a head shaving (100% of all profits will go to Lori).

Good food, good shopping, good fun, good cause.  And gold MC Hammer pants.  Let’s do this.


4 Replies to “It’s Hammer(pants) Time: My MC Debut”

    1. Oh, I’ve tried, believe me. It keeps timing out and disabling. Head over to the facebook page for one that does work, but that for the love of all that is good will not post in this link. Sorry! MTM.


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