25 Things You Don’t Know About Me (That Don’t Really Matter)

1.  We did not serve cake at our wedding.  We had wedding pie.

2.  I have the palate of a six year old.

3.  I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was 12.

4.  I never drank until my mid-20s.

5.  I only drink full sugar soda, preferably Coke, and usually twice a day.

6.  Felicity was my ideal woman for the longest time.

7.  When they make a Lifetime movie about the trage-comedy that is my life, I want it to star Anne Hathaway.

8.  My first job after graduating college was selling pantyhose.  I did this for far too long, clocking in at a year.

9.  My first best friend was a boy named Allan.  I was crushed when he moved away.

10.  I used to want to be a flight attendant.

11.  I never leave the house without Blistex.

12.  The only beer I ever drank in my life was in Munich, Germany.  In 1994.

13.  My husband and I have always kept our finances separate.

14.  I used to work with my Dad.

15.  I wear too much black.

16.  I am a cheap date.  Very happy with cheeseburger and a movie.

17.  I have not chewed on the left side of my mouth since 2004 (I also have a dental phobia).

18.  I once did a tandem hang glide off the Swiss Alps.

19.  My calves are the largest known to man.  Finding boots that fit is practically impossible.  I blame Irish peasants.

20.  I grew up on canned vegetables.  There is nothing worse than canned vegetables.

21.  Spent my honeymoon in Croatia.

22.  I adored Catholic school.

23.  I have a problem with storing important things in closets.

24.  Phil Donahue was one of my first crushes.

25.  I don’t drink coffee.

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