Donna Day 2013: Bloggers Unite

The saying is that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.  Donna Day 2013 proved that right.  There were 50 bloggers ROARING loudly about pediatric cancer and St. Baldrick’s yesterday.  One blogger’s voice and keyboard can be a powerful tool, but 50 collective voices and keyboards?  I think Walt Whitman said it best with the words “barbaric yawp.”  Thing is, though, that this March is gonna go out with a big ROAR, too, as the Donna’s Good Thing’s St. Baldrick’s shave will wrap up the month on March 30.  I am still reeling from the outpouring of love, support, stories, words, and blog posts from the participating bloggers.

From the bottom of my bursting heart, THANK YOU to all those who so willingly used their platform to talk about the not always popular topic of childhood cancer.  You are making a difference.

Without further ado, here they are . . .

Adventures of NinjaMama, “To Mary Tyler Mom, With Love”

Advice From Marta, “Cancer Sucks”

The Amazing, Affordable Adventures of Mama, Bunny and Pip, “Donna Day”

The Apocalyptic Ginger Chronicles, “Donna Day 2013”

Baby Sideburns, “Are You Kidding Me, Another Damn Holiday?  Oh Wait, It’s a Good One”

Cheaper Than Therapy,  “Donna’s Good Things:  St. Baldrick’s Event to Help Fight Childhood Cancer”

A City Mom, “It’s ‘Donna Day’ at ChicagoNow

The Crumb Diaries, “Curveballs:  Donna Day March 1, 2013”

Daddy Knows Less, “Feeling Blessed on #DonnaDay”

DeBie Hive, “Donna Day”

Deepest Worth, “Donna Day”

Dribbles and Grits, “Donna’s Day”

From the Bungalow, “Donna Day 2013:  Hair Grows Back”

Frugalista Blog, “Donna Day”

Get Fit Chicago, “If You Give a Runner a Tutu . . .”

Gig Masters, “Fundraiser for Kid’s Cancer”

Holy Fire, Cake Girl!, “Donna’s Day:  A Chance to Help Kids With Cancer”

Humble Writes Words, “It’s Donna Day!”

I Want a Dumpster Baby, “Choose Hope”

I’d Give You the Moon and Stars, “Donna’s Day”

Insane in the Mom Brain, “Donna Day!!!”

It Builds Character, “Donna Day:  Save Children’s Lives with St. Baldrick’s”

It’s Cool To Be OCD, “Donna Day”

Just Getting Started, “Support St. Baldrick’s and Donna’s Good Things”

Kissing the Frog, “Cancer Sucks, But We Can Do Good Things”

Shawn Renee Lent, “A Brain Tumor at My Dance Ricitle

Life As I See It, “Suck It, Cancer.  It’s Donna Day!”

Listing Toward Forty:  “Donna Day:  Support Pediatric Cancer Research”

Mary Tyler Mom, “Donna Day is Here!  Hooray!”

Moms Who Drink and Swear, “Sources Say It’s Donna Day:  The Facts About Getting the Facts Straight When It Comes to Funding For Pediatric Cancer Research”

Mother Naked, “Donna Day”

My Children Think I’m Perfect, “McTip’s Snips”

My Sports Complex, “Donna Day:  Playing in the Sand With Donna Lu”

Organized People Are Just Too Lazy to Look for Stuff, “It’s Donna Day!”

Part Time, “Spending Some Time With Donna to Beat Childhood Cancer”

Pinwheels and Poppies, “Donna Day 2013.  Let’s Do This”

Portrait of an Adoption, “Donna Day:  Raising Money for Pediatric Cancer Research In Memory of a Lovely Girl”

Razorblade Brain, “Change for Change”

Real Mom Nutrition, “It’s Donna Day”

Red Vines and Red Wine, “Celebrate Donna Day 2013 With Me!”

Ashbey Riley, “Celebrating Donna Day”

SarcasMom, “Donna Day Should be EVERY Day”

Stop and Blog the Roses, “Donna Day:  What Do Kids With Cancer Need?”

Suburban Scrawl, “It’s Donna Day!  #conquerkidscancer #DonnaDay”

Sweet Matthew Burr:  “Donna Day”

Tiny Steps Mommy, “Day Five:  Give Back Mission to Express Gratitude”

Tween Us, “Donna Day:  Raising Awareness and Money to Fund Childhood Cancer Research”

Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom, “Today I Celebrate Donna Day by Donating to Pediatric Cancer”

We Band of Mothers, “Emily”

What a glorious Donna Day it was!  Thank you!

So I have no freaking idea why some of these links are in bold and other are not.  That is completely beyond my technical scope.  But subscribing to my favorite blogs is not!  You can do it, too! It’s true!

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