Listen to Your Mother, Yo

In just a few weeks I’m gonna do something that makes me a wee bit nervous.  Imma take the stage at Chicago’s Athenaeum Theatre and read some words I wrote in front of a crowd of oh, you know, about a thousand folks.  BAH!  Actually, I kid.  I don’t feel too nervous about this.  Excited and honored, but not so nervous.

Listen to Your Mother was created by a gal named Ann and started in the humble burg of Madison, Wisconsin.  It is now a 24 city juggernaut of vocal explorations of motherhood and all its facets.   Ann says it best:

Isn’t that cool?

I got to meet the rest of my Chicago cast mates a few weeks ago at the first rehearsal.  They are amazing.  I feel so lucky to hear their stories, which is how I hope our audience feels.  Motherhood is powerful stuff.  Talking about motherhood is powerful stuff, too.  And as a celebration of motherhood, aside from breakfast in bed and a new pair of shoes, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than hear other folks talk about this grandest of roles.

For me, motherhood and Mother’s Day are complicated.  The day especially clobbers me over the head time and time again with both my Mom and daughter not here to celebrate with me.  The two folks so primary to my motherhood are no longer here to share it.  That just sucks.  There will be more of that in another post, another day.

I feel so grateful, so lucky to know motherhood.  And it’s amazing to hear sixteen other takes on it.  These gals are funny, sad, relatable, spirited, triumphant, joyful, strong.  You want to belly up to the bar to and trade war stories with them.  I know this because I’ve done this.  I am one lucky mother.

Please join me!  Here are the details:

WHAT:  Listen to Your Mother, live reading

WHEN:  Sunday, May 5 2013 @ 2PM

WHERE:  The Athenaeum Theatre, 2936 N. Southport, Chicago, Illinois

COST:  $22 (includes $2 theatre restoration fee)

HOW:  Click here and have your credit card at the ready

WHY:  Because your mother would want you to.  And I said so!

Now go eat your vegetables.

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