Now You See Me: Movie Review for Families

Last weekend I went to see a movie.  It’s been a long time.  I went with a friend and we picked the movie based on time and pretty much nothing else. Seems that Sunday morning movies are full of a lot of empty seats.  It was perfect.

We settled on Now You See Me, a heist thriller set in the world of magic.  I liked it.  My friend liked it.  We were both entertained.  I thought immediately, this is a great family movie — no sex, no swears, minimal violence, lots of gloss and spectacle.


Ha!  Seems my standards might be pretty low compared to some other reviews I am reading online, specific to kids.  Rest assured that my review is written from the POV of a mom with a four year old, and not a tween.  Also, I don’t have a lot of hang-ups about cleavage or minor swears.  This site actually counts the number of obscenities and will give those of you with higher standards than myself the intel you need.

That said, I liked it and thought it might be the perfect summer movie for families with tweens and teens.  This is why:

  • Great and interesting cast.  How can you go wrong with Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine?  You can’t.
  • There is a subtle (for young kids) Robin Hood theme in the movie that parents are sure to pick up on.   When a corporate insurance titan screws his customers after Hurricane Katrina, he gets his come-uppance to the tune of $140 million.  Nice.
  • The dialogue is quick, witty, not too hard to follow and will keep parents involved in the plot.
  • The magic is fantastic.  Honestly, who doesn’t like a good magic show?
  • Mark Ruffalo stars.  Have I ever mentioned that Mary Tyler Dad reminds me of Mark Ruffalo?
  • Isla Fisher holds her own as a magician with all her ego driven male counterparts.  She is smart, funny, doesn’t play dumb (great for young boys and girls to see), and is sexy and modest at the same time.

So an entertaining film, all in all, that will keep families with kids a wee bit older happy and satisfied without being scandalized.  And it won’t involve an animated slug.  At all.  Hooray!

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