2014 Oscar Fashion Commentary from a Middle Aged Mom

I’m back!  I had so much fun doing my middle aged mom commentary for the Golden Globes, I’m back for the Oscars, which is basically the Golden Globes for a select few 63 year old white men, something they like to call “The Academy.”  Pffft.  Even old white men like to see pretty ladies all gussied up.

This was a safe year for Oscar fashion.  I think the most risque thing was seeing Liza Minelli without a bra and Pharell Williams in short pants.  The trends were nudes (so many of the starlets looked like they were coming off a college art modeling class), bedazzled frocks, and dark lips.  Some of it worked, some of it didn’t — at least from this middle aged mom’s point of view.

So here goes, without further delay, my picks for the hits, the misses, the meh, and a few men thrown in for good measure.  Enjoy!

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