2014 Emmy Fashion Commentary from a Middle Aged Mom

Hey-O!  It’s that time of year again!  Award season has officially begun with last night’s Emmy presentation.  Sigh.  With back to school and baby’s first birthday and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, well, I was caught off guard, which is the THIRD AWARD SHOW IN A ROW I MISSED. Nothing screams overtired middle aged mom to me more than missing these award shows and red carpet entrances because I just plum am not aware that they are even scheduled.  And to top it off, I don’t even care about missing the actual show.  How’s that for old lady?

But I do still love the fashion.  I love the pomp and circumstance of the red carpet.  I love the hits, and yes, I love the misses, too.  I love the pretty colors, the shiny jewels, the glowing skin.  I love it all.

Looks like the big trends for the Emmy’s were peplums, bright neon-esque color, beachy, loose hair, red lips, and orange being the new black.  Those gals were everywhere and gave the stuffy awards show a bit of prison chic.  And, blessedly, looks like last winter’s plague of hi-lo hemlines has been retired.  Thank your  blueberries for that trend being gone.

Without further delay, I present my middle aged mom commentary of the 2014 Emmy Award show!

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