Who Are Your Anchors?

When times are rough and the Universe keeps beating you or the people you love up, I have learned to reach out for my anchors.  My anchors are those folks in my life that ground me, love me, comfort me, support me, cheer me — the ones that don’t go away. They are rooted and they root me.

I love me an anchor.  I have relied on them a lot as of late.  As I get pulled and tugged every which way, I reach out, grab me a handful of anchor, and hang on for dear life. Kind of like how Mary Tyler Baby grabs for my hair and pulls it.  Ouch!  Well, not really, but you get the picture.

Do you know who your anchors are?  They might be family, good friends, colleagues, neighbors, your partner.  Sheesh — I hope your partner is an anchor.  If not, you might want to rethink that whole partner thing.  You might have different anchors for different oceans of your life, too.  I know I do.

Long story short, know your anchors.  Use them. Tell them they are your anchor.  And, perhaps most importantly, always remember to be a good anchor yourself.


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