Toddlers Are the Best Antidote for Modern Life

I just posted a short video of Mary Tyler Toddler eating a plate of fresh cherries and raspberries with this caption, “In light of all the muck you scroll through on social media, I thought that 30 seconds of XXXXX eating might make it all more bearable.”  IT SEEMS TO BE WORKING.

This morning, after a brief period of high chaos caused by me forgetting that it was the one day a month our cleaning team arrives at our back door at 8 AM to help me keep our dirt and grime to bearable levels (and, yes, I have cleaning ladies), I took the boy out for pancakes.

Sitting across from him scribbling with crayons and reading books somehow made the massive stress I had been feeling, the sense of sheer vulnerability and exposure and panic felt when you hear a key in your back door while you’re still wearing the period stained shorts you slept in the night before, your hair unwashed for five days piled high on top of your head, hoping the mass of curls doesn’t too loudly shout, “I DON’T GIVE A FIG HOW I LOOK.”

I needed to exit that place of shame and stress and Polish ladies tsk tsking so opted to get out of Dodge with the toddler in tow.  IT WORKED.

Toddlers are gurus at living in the moment.  They are zen masters of mindfulness. Toddlers have no shame.  Toddlers  experience stress, but are so easily distracted from those things that cause them dismay, that their stresses are easily forgotten.  Toddlers got it going on.


Our world can be so ugly.  Social media tends to magnify that.  We take glee in other people’s sorrows and struggles, we get indignant towards most folks who think or act differently than ourselves, and there seems to be an unending supply of scandals and stories to feed the beast that Facebook created.

You know who doesn’t care about any of that nonsense?  Toddlers, that’s who!

Toddlers have no idea that Amber Rose wears bikinis on balconies or that she likes to poke fun of her old flame’s current wife on Twitter.  Toddlers happily eat their snacks while the moral right tear apart Caitlyn Jenner while defending Josh Duggar.  Toddlers thrive on routine and comfort, security and consistency, not fresh blood.

Toddlers have so much to teach us all.  And lucky me just happens to have one right by my side for most of the day, every day.

And I totally get that not all is well or easy in Toddlerville.  There are only so many times I can read “Baby Animals” before my eyes glaze over and when Mary Tyler Toddler kicks and screams every time I try and wipe his face, I don’t feel very mindful or zen, but I would take a toddler over a Kardashian any damn day of the week.

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