This blog is part of ChicagoNow’s monthly blogapalooza where bloggers are challenged with a topic at 9:00 PM and required to publish a post an hour later.  Here is this month’s topic:

“Without trying to be humble, write about something you’re really good at.”

Oy.  I have to laugh because as of late, I am not feeling really good at much of anything. I am slowly crawling out of a caregiving coma that has pretty much consumed most of my life since November.  Throw a little grief in there, and, well, you got yourself a cocktail of life, my friends, that does not go down too easily.

That led me to think of a topic for this post, which was feelings.  I am really good at feelings — feeling those suckers, expressing them, coaxing them out of others, sitting with them.  I excel at feelings, my friends.  Feelings, nothing more than feelings.

But you know what?  I am kind of maxed out on feelings right about now and don’t for a hot second want to spend an hour writing about the damn things.  Plus, I just, like fifteen minutes ago, purchased a pair of sparkly peep toe pumps, so I am feeling (get it) a bit playful tonight.

Exhibit A:

Sparkly Shoes

Given that one of the prompts for this exercise allowed for lists, that, my friends, is what I am gonna do for the next few minutes here — list those things that I am good at. How cool is that?

The next time life gets me down, which might be tomorrow morning for all I know, I can look at this post and remember to toot my own horn once in a while.  As bad as things can get now and then, there’s this list, so suck it, Universe.


  • making banana Nutella and strawberry crepes;
  • blogging;
  • building consensus;
  • planting colorful window boxes that get only indirect light and mostly shade;
  • finding bargains;
  • taking care of people I love;
  • writing eulogies;
  • doing nothing;
  • dressing tables for holidays and dinner parties;
  • arranging flowers;
  • kitchen dance parties;
  • knowing my limitations;
  • writing status updates on the Facebook;
  • keeping a clean car;
  • making beds;
  • baking Irish soda bread;
  • exfoliating;
  • moisturizing;
  • using the camera on my iPhone;
  • seeing the beauty around me;
  • seizing opportunities;
  • wearing horn rimmed glasses like a sexy, middle-aged librarian;
  • changing the diaper of a 21 month old bucking bronco;
  • appreciating what I have;
  • picking myself up and dusting myself off;
  • not letting bastards on the Internet get me down for too long;
  • expressing myself;
  • communicating;
  • building community;
  • impressing people with my ability to bake boxed Ghiradelli brownies;
  • knocking out homemade chocolate suckers for the holidays;
  • decorating;
  • helping people cope with sadness and grief;
  • fundraising for pediatric cancer research;
  • getting folks to shave their heads;
  • loving on my boys;
  • spontaneous trips to the beach;
  • styling my kid’s curls;
  • plucking my eyebrows;
  • going to the movies alone;
  • talking with older adults and young children;
  • flirting;
  • knowing when to say when

Okay.  There it is.  This has improved my mood immensely.  Do me a solid and help me feel less like a narcissistic jerk about posting this by telling me something you are good at in the comments.  xox, MTM

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