15 Women Over 40 Who Slayed At Last Night’s Emmys

A few years ago I very studiously and with great joy recorded my thoughts and opinions about award show fashion for the Oscars and the Emmys and catalogued it under “Middle Aged Mom Fashion Commentary.”  Most of you loved it, some of you hated it, finding my fashion criticism snide, mean, and too judgmental.  Truth be told, the negative reactions made the whole process less fun for me.  I could argue my position until the cows came home — that I was never body shaming in my comments, that all criticism was fashion based, which is an art form with a long history of critics following it, blah, blah, blah.  Some of you still thought I was a mean girl.  There is a difference, you see, between criticism and meanness, but that is lost on some.  Anyway.  I got tired of defending the practice, it lost its joy for me, so I stopped.

But like a bad penny, I’m back,along with my fashion commentary!

Last night I had the opportunity to watch some of the Emmy arrivals, enjoyed the show, then drooled over the post-show photos of the gowns in the fashion media. Something that kept hitting me time and time again were the gals over 40 who positively slayed last night.  The older gals brought it, sending their ingenue counterparts to the sidelines.  Ferociously.  As a 46 year old woman myself, I was impressed and inspired.

Here are my favorites.

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