Thank you, Garbage Man

I was driving to get my kiddo from school the other week and saw the garbage man pictured below, literally hanging out.  So many days later, and he is still in my thoughts.


I trailed the truck for a mile or so, the man hanging on to the side of the truck, watching the Chicago streets pass him by.  It was cold that day. When we got to another red light, he jumped off to gather some rubbish.  I rolled down my window and yelled out, “Sir? Thank you!  I just wanted to say thanks for all you do to keep our city clean.”  He smiled and nodded, then picked up some trash.

Why did I take a picture of him?  Why did I roll down my window to thank him?  Why am I still thinking about all of this?  I don’t know, really, other than things feel so complicated right now, but a man doing his job that helps so many others without any fanfare or recognition somehow feels a bit like an anchor to me right now.

It cost me nothing to say thank you.  I’m glad I did.

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